After Midnight

After Midnight

Short Film / Fiction / Drama / IRAN / Release Date 2023

Ahmad, send Nima to the haunted house for bringing a package for him in the midnight. In the house, some problems couse Nima’s death.

Director: Mohammad Reza Maei

Writer: Mohammad Reza Maei
Cast: Ebrahilm Ebad Zadeh, Behrooz Zare, Navid Movahedi, Amir Reza Gojaei
Director of Photography: Mehdi Meimandi
Sound: Hassan Salmani
Editor: Mani Mohammadi
Sound Designer: Mani Mohammadi
Make-up: Bhenaz Kamali
Set & Costume Designer: Mohammad Reza Maei
Still Photographer: Mehdi Parchebaf
Production Manager: Majid Gholipour
Producer: Mohammad Reza Maei

Biography of Director

Mohammad Reza Maei born in 1994 Tabriz, Iran.

Graduated in cinema direction from Tabriz Cinema and Theater Institute

Director Statement

My goal in making this film is primarily storytelling

And secondly, attention to the issue of characterization. (By placing the movie characters in different situations and observing their different behaviors in those situations.)

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format

  • MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
    Exhibition Format:
  • DCP
  • 2K
  • Language: Turkish, Azerbaijan , Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films

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