Black & White Man

Black & White Man

Short Film / Fiction / Horror / IRAN / Release Date 2024

The story is about a family (two brothers) who go on a trip on Wednesday night and spend the night in a park. Late at night, they meet a strange man with a mask on his face.

Director: Amir Hossein Asgharian

Written & Directed by:
Amir Hossein Asgharian

Produced by
Amir Hossein Asgharian

Edited by
Amir Hossein Beshkoveh
Milad Murad Qoli

Masood Sheikh Veisee

Music by
Mohammad Jafari

Ali Karimdoost
Mohammad Sadegh Noori
Abolfazl Rezapoor
Mohammad Shahreki

Hossein Salar

Script Editor
Pouya Barani Beyranvand

Sound editor
Mohammad Hossein Ebrahimi
Sound Editor Assistants
Kumars Jafari
Mehran Mohammadi

Film Score
ویولن سل حسین بهشتی
Cello ………… Hossein Beheshti
کمانچه متین آهنگری
Kamancheh…….. Matin Ahangari
پیانو کتایون حسینی
Piano ……….. Katayon Hosseini

Advertising Photography
Tasvire Mandegar Studio

Visual Effects
Moein rabbanian
Maryam amanollahi

Poster & graphic
Hosein kianpak

Ehsan akbari

Mohammad Hossein Eshaghi

Translator : Ehsan Sohan Ajini

Biography of Director

Amirhossein Asgharian was born in 2000 in Zabul city of Sistan and Baluchistan province. An Iranian filmmaker who started his visual artistic activity by making teasers and motion graphics and was able to make his first short film, he learned filmmaking in an experimental and self-taught way.

Director Statement

I wasn’t just looking for a superficial and entertaining fantasy work, I was looking for serious words and issues in it to become a deeper film.
Such as the concepts of good and evil, fear and courage, human loneliness and…

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format: MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
Exhibition Format: DCP & 4K
Language: Persian, Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films