Feature Film/ Fiction documentary
/ IRAN 2019

Cheshmeh Mijushad (Resurgence)

In the village of “Kelishom”, in the “Ammarloo” area of “​​Roodbar”, “Gilan” province, close to the “Siah Rood” protected area in “Iran”, there are many stories and beliefs about the phenomena of supernatural events. Among them is the belief in the existence of a spring near the village belonging to the supernatural beings. The people of the village believe that everyone who drinks from water of the spring is haunted by the Jinns( Elf in middle east)and lost in the mountain, because the Jinns are the main owners of this spring .
The story of the film is based on the experience of a woman from the village “Kelishom”, called “Zoleykha”, who lost in the mountains after drinking water of the spring.

Director: Arash Pournamdarian

Supervisor of the project: Bahar Rouhani
Producers: Arash Ayesh – Bahar Rouhani
Production Company: AICVIVO
Project Administrator: Ccut Studio
Investor: Kayvan Raghib Motlagh

Cast: Soghra Ramezani,Mehrnaz Darvishpoor,Zahra Gholami,Mohammad Ghorbani,Hossein Jafari,Hadi Yaghoobi & …
ScreenPlay: Ccut Studio Writers Workshop
Scriptwriting Consultant: Hassan Rasouli
Writers Supervisor: Hamidreza Zeinali
Writers: Arash Pournamdarian – Bahar Rouhani – Jila Shahmohammadi Asieh Asadi – Arash Ayesh
Cinematographer: Hiva Sofieh
Filming: Saman Paasian
Cinematography Assistant: Mohammad Khourmehr Aerial Photography: Arash Pournamdarian
Soundboard: Zanyar Kakakhani
Voice Assistant: Hossein Darvishzadeh
Photographer: Paria Ansari
Edited & Visual Effects : Arash Poornamdarian
Music: Reza Hoseini Joshaghani
Singers: Maestero Mahmoud Ghanbari & Sobhan Rezaei
Sound Mixing : Arash Pournamdarian
Project Consultant: Hamidreza Zeinali
Producer’s Successor: Roghieh Hassan Zadeh
Production Director: Jila Shahmohammadi
Assistant Producer: Ali Sadeghi
Local leader: Mohammad Ghorbani
Procurement: Reza Mostaghimi
First Assistant Director: Laleh Pournamdarian
Assistant Director: Ali Sadeghi
Set Secretary: Laleh Pournamdarian
Scene Designer: Ali Sadeghi Research: Asieh Asadi
Farsi Translator : Hossein Darvishzadeh
English Translator : Hamid Eskandari

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format:

  • MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )

Exhibition Format:

  • DCP
  • HD (1920×1080) ~1.78:1 aspect ratio

Company Definition

AICVIVO Company was formed in 2017 by Arash Ayesh & Bahar Rouhani for the production of cinematic films. In the first step, produced a documentary series on the anthropology of villages in the world with the aim of recording the present time of the villages and focusing on the thinking of the people living in them. These products are designed to preserve the heritage of the land for the future.

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  • Zhirleh / Iran – Kurdistan Province – Zhivar Village / 2019
  • Zagh Bour / Iran – Semnan Province – Desian & Giver Village / 2019
  • Resurgence / Iran – Gilan Province – Kelishom Village / 2019

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films