Screening “Finish” in two Italian Film Festivals

“Finish” directed by Saeed Naghavian,was selected at two famous Italian festivals

Asolo Art Film Festival & Ortigia Film Festival.

The origins of Asolo Art Film Festival date back to 1973, when Flavia Paulon brought to Asolo the International Festival of Film on Art and Artist’s Biographies, which, from its very first edition, became one of the most important festivals dedicated to the relations between cinema and art.

The 36th Asolo Art Film Festival will be held June 6-10 in Italy.

Finish in Ortigia Film Festival,

The tenth edition of Ortigia Film Festival, the International Film Festival of the city of Syracuse, will be held from 9 to 15 July 2018. From this edition the image of OFF is entrusted to a Sicilian artist, a choice dictated by the desire to create synergies between the different visual arts. “Sognatrice Blu” is the poster work of OFF10 edited by the artist Sergio Fiorentino.

In Arena Logoteta, starting at 9.00 pm, the short films will be screened in competition: Bismillah by Alessandro Grande, back from numerous awards including the David di Donatello; Finish by Saeed Naghavian and Alphabet by Kianoush Abedi, both in regional premiere.


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