Short Film / Fiction / Drama / IRAN / Release Date 2024

Mahsa, a young woman on the brink of marriage, finds herself in a predicament due to a customary tradition that single women face. Seeking assistance, she turns to her friend Afra for help. However, Afra meets with a formidable challenge.

Director: Hossein Zargham

Writer: Hosein Zargham
Producer: Hossein Fallah
Script consultant: Payam Laryan

Yeganeh Ragabi
Hossein Fallah
Nasim Kiani
Ali Afshar
Omid Mohammadi
Mastan Narmonji
Daniyal Sobanyan
Neda Mokhtar
Mohammadreza Emami

Director of Photography: Reza Norouzi
Camera assistants
Ali Nahardani
Shahab Malekpour
Mehdi Norouzi

Editing: Haniyeh Jolokhani
Sound recording: Mohammad Reza Mortezaei
Assistant sound recording: Musa Hemmati
Makeup designer: Tina Bakshi
Makeup assistant: Shirin Mansouri
Costume designer: Maryam Mirbagheri
Assistant Costume designer: Ramin Nampour,Maliha Hosseinzadeh
Assistant director and scheduler: Ali Afshar,Omid Mohammadi
Stage secretary: Zainab Chamani
Photographer: Bita Tayyebi
Translator: Sakineh Arabnajad,Mohammad Badin
Color and light correction: Amir Shahsawari
Sound Mix: Mohammad Hossein Mehrjoo
Production manager: Daniyal Ismailzadeh
Logistics: Mahmoud Guderzi

Biography of Director

Hosein Zargham, born in 1985 in Tehran, studied theater at the diploma level and cinema directing at the bachelor level.

I have worked in most fields of filmmaking, including editing, filming, photography, and production management. I have also worked in several theaters as a photographer and producer of behind-the-scenes documentaries. Before this, I directed two short films and a number of teasers.

Director Statement

In my native land of Iran, tradition is deeply rooted like an immense tree, continuously casting its branches over a people for whom breaking free is a constant challenge. For generations, the women of my homeland have suffered under outdated customs foreign to this land; women whose bodies are perpetually scrutinized and burdened by unfounded accusations and societal pressures. This film serves as a tribute to the resilience of all the women who refuse to be shackled by the intricate constraints of tradition.

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format: MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
Exhibition Format: DCP & 2K
Language: Persian, Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films