Short Film / Animation / Drama / IRAN / Release Date 2023

“Yaar” is about a lonely and depressed character that nothing around him can make him happy. He tries to commit asuicide but survives each time due to his bouncy and elastic features. In his last attempt, he meets new friends, with whom he discovers new adventures.

Director: Nahid Malayeri

Music & Sound: Mohammad Reza Asghari

Biography of Director

Nahid(Zahra) is an Iranian 2D animator and visual storyteller based in the Netherlands. She studied Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and then decided to design the stories of cultures and human minds free from the limitations of architectural frames. She is now pursuing her education and career in animation.
First film: Kakaei

Honors & Awards “Animation of Kakaei”:
Officiall selecttions:
Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival.and Oscar-Qualifying Festival United States (2021)
38th Tehran International Short Film and Oscar-Qualifying Festival. Tehran, Iran. (2021)
12th Tehran International Animation Festival. Tehran, Iran. (2022)

best Animation Film in National festival of Digital Arts. Tehran, Iran. (2021)
best Animation Film in Omid National Short Film Festival. Bushehr, Iran (2020)
Website: www.nahidmalayeri.com

Director Statement

“Yaar” is based on my experience with depression. I wanted to make this animation as empathy for people who feel blue or outcasted. And as an appreciation to people who support their friends and family through difficulty.

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format: MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
Exhibition Format: DCP & 2K
Language: Persian, Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films

Official Selections:

12th American Documentary and Animation Film Festival (Oscar-Qualifying Festival) USA 2023

45th Moscow International Film Festival Russia 2023

40th Asolo Art Film Festival Italy 2023

13th ANIMAGE International Animation Festival of Pernambuco, Brazil 2023

8thThessaloniki Animation Festival is an international Animation Festival, Greece 2023

19th Seoul Indie-AniFest (Seoul Independent Animation Festival), Korea 2023

7th Chaniartoon – International Comic & Animation Festival, Greece 2023

8th AZYL SHORTS, International Short Film Festival, Slovakia 2023

25th Fairy Tales Queer Film Festiva, Canada 2023

3th Voci Dei Boschi Film Festival, Italy 2023

9th LAMPA International Film Festival, Russia 2023

2nd International Animation Film Festival “Animur”, Russia 2023