Short Film / Fiction / Thriller – Fantasy / IRAN / Release Date 2023

In a dystopian world, there is a hotel on an island with special and strange rules.  One night, a suspicious young man enters the hotel with a big red baggage, and the hotel owner gradually becomes more suspicious of him.

With the promise of a lot of money, the young man convinces the owner of the hotel to keep him safe in the hotel tonight but all of a sudden the Colonel shows up and reveals a secret about the young man.

Director: Hamid Bahrami

Screenplay: Farshad Rezaei- Hamid Bahrami
Cast: Amin Mahmoudi- Amirhossein Amini- Mohammad Rabani- Mohamadhossein Asna-ashari- Amir Mohammadi- Davoo Razgardani- Fozhan Mohammadi

Production designer: Hamid Fakhri- Kimia Edrisi
Director of photography: Emad Hosseinifard
Costume designer: Delnia Aziz- Mobina Abdoli
Make-up designer: Babak Keshanfallah
Edit: Shirin Ekhlasi
Sound designer: Sohrab Karamroudi
Sound Recorder: Amin Jafari
Composer: Sohrab Karamroudi
VFX and color grading: Shirin Ekhlasi
Production manager: Saeed Maleki
Producer: Shirin Ekhlasi- Hamid Bahrami

Biography of Director

Hamid Bahrami was born in Rasht, Iran in 1998. He is currently a cinema student at Tehran University of Art and studied painting in artschool. From a young age, he had a passion for writing and kept a diary. At 16, he began writing poems and short stories.

While pursuing his university education, he gained experience in screenwriting by writing short screenplays. He also served as an assistant director for several short films produced by his fellow students. He eventually directed his first short film, “Baggage,” with the help of some friends from university. He had to finance the film by working part-time at a wire manufacturing workshop for a year.

Currently, he is working on his next screenplay and is working to shoot it soon. His ultimate goal is to study at AFI conservatory.

Director Statement

The concept for my film stems from my personal experience with the complexities and inconsistencies of laws in the real world. Living in a society where laws are not only numerous, but also subject to the personal biases of lawmakers, has led me to get deeply interested in the topic of law. Furthermore, even within the dwelling in which I reside, there are specific rules and regulations that I am obliged to comply with. As such, the subject of law has always been of great significance to me. It is for this reason that I have chosen to create a film that addresses the absurdity of certain laws.

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format: MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
Exhibition Format: DCP & 2K
Language: Persian, Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films

Official Selections:

19th Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival, Slovenia 2023
15th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (Oscar-Qualifying Festival) India 2023