The Red Fire

The Red Fire

Short Film / Animation / IRAN / Release Date 2020

The Darkness Demon has swept over the world, trying to set the ending of Light, unlike the earlier promises and prophecies. It is in such an era that a flock of Red birds travel in search of the Red Fire; a Fire that according to the prophecies, wipes out the blackness and puts an end to the constant eclipse and absence of the Sun. But where are they going to find the Red Fire?

Director: Mona A.Shahi

Producer: Ehsan Tavassolizadeh
Writer: Mona A.Shahi
Cast: Mehdi Soltani Sarvestani
Character & Background Design: Mehdi Shiri
Lead Animator: Amir Kazemi
Color Animation: Mona A.Shahi
Composite & Color Editing: Amir Gholamzadeh
Sound Design & Mix: Behrouz Shahamat
Music: Yousef Ghorbani
Singer: Melika Rabbani
Editor: Ehsan Tavassolizadeh
Animators: Amir Kazemi, Hesam Mokhber, Hossein Firoozi, Alireza Naghizadeh
Additional Animation: Mona A.Shahi, Hossein Saffarzadegan
Production Company: Aseman Abi Diran

Biography of Director

Mona A.Shahi was born in Iran in 1983. She graduated from the Sharif University of Technology with a BS in Physics and earned her MA in Directing Animation from Tehran University of Art.
She’s been working professionally in the fields of scriptwriting, directing, animating; and has been teaching animation aesthetics, directing and scriptwriting at various academic levels.
Her animations had the chance of being selected or presented in many well-known festivals like Atlanta, Hiroshima, Stuttgart, Animamundi, Zinebi and etc.

List of her film’s Honors:

Red Line:
• Best Sound Award, Best Animation Award and Honorary Diploma for the Best music from Nahal Student Festival, 2012,
• Best Short Animation Award from Tehran International Short Film Festival, 2012,
• Best Animating Award from Tehran Iranian Short Film Festival, 2012,
• Golden Butterfly for the Best Animation from Isfahan International Children Film Festival, 2012,
• Honorary Diploma for the Best Animation from Isfahan Iranian Children Film Festival, 2012,
• Best Animation and Videography Award from Seda va Sima National Festival,
• Best Animation Script Award from Tehran International Animation Festival, 2012,
• Best Short Animation Award from Eastern Breeze International Film Festival, (Canada), 2013.
• Best Short Animation Award from Akruti Animation Festival, India, 2015
• Second Prize in Frames Film Festival, India, 2015
• Best Music Award from Veterans film Festival, Australia, 2016

The Little boy:
• Best Animation Script from 4th scriptwriting contest of kanoon Parvaresh, Iran, 2014
• Best Jury Prize from AYACC, china, 2015
• Best Animation from Zoom Festival, Poland, 2015
• Best Animation in veterans Film Festival, Australia, 2016
• Silver trophy from International Roshd Film Festival, Iran, 2016
• Best Animation from Binalood Film Festival, Iran, 2016
• Best Animation from Al-Nahj Film Festival, Iraq, 2017
• Best Animation from Watch Out Film Festival, Macedonia, 2017
• Best Animation from Big Bang Film Festival, 2018

Director Statement

The “Red Fire”, is a wish or maybe a dream! A dream, a composition of the most living of my childhood stories: the love between a mountain and a little bird; a composition of the voice of the one who spoke to Muses, the ancient stories of my land, and the final destination of the Light and the Darkness…
But this fire, kindled by the hand of mortals, wipes out the reign of the darkness and nihility.

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format

  • MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
    Exhibition Format:
  • DCP
  • 2K ~ 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Language: Persian , Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films

Official Selections:

  • 18th Hiroshima International Animation Festival, Japan 2020
  • 12th annual SPARK Animation Film Festival, Canada 2020
  • 11th Macau International Short Film Festival, Macau 2020
  • 19th ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Germany 2020
  • 13th Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival, Bosnia 2020