Short Film / Animation / Drama / IRAN / Release Date 2022

“Soo” is the story of a traveler who follows her reflection. Everywhere she goes, she becomes attached, and it becomes difficult for her to leave. she leaves a part of herself behind, a layer of her color. During her journey, her color gradually fades more and more until she loses it all. When she realizes her color has vanished, her reflection takes her to the world of reflections.

Director: Roya Salimi

Writer: Roya Salimi
Animator: Maryam Siadat & Rashid Abedini
Music: Pooya Moghadas & Soheil Faridmanesh
Colorist: Nayri Eivazi, Nikoo Ahadi, Somaye Mirabasi
Editor: Majid Kiamehr
Composite: Majid Kiamehr
Producer: Roya Salimi

Biography of Director

My name is Roya salami. I was born in 1990 in Bandar Abbas –Iran. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in biology from Kharazmi University in Tehran and a master’s degree in animation from Sooreh University in Tehran.

Director Statement

In life, we begin journeys and pursue destinations. The attachment to what we are in, however, makes these journeys difficult and creates obstacles that may in turn lead us to live in fragments of the past. But making peace with oneself paves the way for these journeys.

Technical Format

Preview Screen-er Format: MP4 H264 (HD 1080, Stereo 320, 48 kHz )
Exhibition Format: DCP & 2K
Language: Persian, Subtitle: English

Distributor & Sales Agent: Finish Films

Official Selections

10th Tokyo Anime Award Festival, Japan 2023

39th Cartoon Club – International Festival of Animation, Itlay 2023

12th ANIMAGE Festival, Brazil 2022

18th Cortoons Festival Gandia, Spain 2022

6th International Women Filmmakers Festival, Turkey 2023

4th MIDWINTER SAGA WIFF – Gawler: Women’s International Film Festival, Australia 2023

6th Photometria International Photography Festival, Greece 2023

9th SIFFCY- Smile International film festival for children & youth, India 2023


16th International Animation Festival “The Big Cartoon Festival”, Russia 2022

20th Kinoproba Film Festival, Russia 2022

3rd Animatex Film Festival, Egypt 2022

Khabarovsk International Animation Film Festival “Animur”, Russia 2022

10th Bastau International Student Film Festival, Kazakhstan 2022

3rd Lugano Animation Days, Switzerland

4th ICONA, Ionian Contemporary Animation Festival, Greece 2022